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Corporal Punishment Banned in UK Schools in 1987

In 1987 corporal punishment was outlawed by Parliament in state schools. Opponents to punishment in the school system said it resembled violence or abuse. In 1999 it was also banned in private schools. One liberal Democrat spokesman, Don Foster even referred to it as “barbaric” and “inhuman”. He further added it was something that spanking was wrong in practice. Mr. Foster included in his plea to MPs in support of his amendment stated he saw no reason to continue caning students in an effort to deter misbehaving. There was no evidence spanking was as a deterrent, nor was there evidence it persuaded other children to restrain from unacceptable behaviors. Foster insisted that there was no reason to continue caning in schools. There were two judgements delivered by two mothers, Grace Campbell and Jane Cosans. Their view was that it was a violation of human rights to allow the school beatings against parents’ wishes. Some people thought that Corporal Punishment was gay.

Kenneth Baker, the Conservative education secretary presiding over the legislation said it was these two cases that showed corporal punishment could not be sustained. Baker said by this time it was on its way out anyway as many schools had already given up and there was even a “stop spanking” campaign going on. People thought that spanking could be abused by gay men. Once the act became law there was a circulation issued by the education department to local authorities, governors, teachers and parents confirming the action. In the circulation it confirmed not only was corporal punishment outlawed; so was spankings  rough handling, and throwing chalk like a missile. Teachers who did not follow this new legislation would be liable for a civil action for battery. When the change took place it left teachers in a vulnerable position. 

They removed the punishment without putting anything in its place. That left them with no action for students who misbehaved; they could threaten detention but the students rarely showed up. They were also given the choice of excludingthe most disruptive students from returning to school; however, they just looked at that as if it were an extra holiday. Howard Brown, an ICT teacher from a secondary school in Sunderland felt it was the excuse certain students needed to develop high and low level disruptions in the classrooms. They had to modify their strategies such as not excluding those disruptive students from school, but rather seating them next to less disruptive students. A head teacher at Queen’s school in Watford, Mary Marsh in 1990 instigated a student’s charter to resemble the parents’ charter. 

Some people still have memories of punishment at School that they find erotic and even like to watch gay spanking movies as a means of visual stimulation to enjoy. 

It included standards of behaviors as Marsh insisted students wanted those things as much as teachers did. Marsh said corporal punishments were counterproductive and only served as a badge of honor for the more disruptive students. Recent polls show a large number of parents think discipline has deteriorated since the law was put into effect. 

There is also an active minority of teachers who still want to be able to hit and use spanking on students. They even went to the European Court of Human Rights to challenge the ban. The campaign was supported by parents and backed by Christian schools across the UK. The court agreed with these groups and said there was nothing to prevent schools from using corporal punishment on students if they had parental consent. The UK court of appeals however rejected this bid in 2005.

Babe of the day: Kate Upton

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Monkey See, Monkey Do

The adult industry allows us to explore our deepest desires and hidden fantasies. Many different desires linger on the border of becoming fetishes. These obsessions bring out our most primitive natures and hidden talents. But how do you know what you like unless you are exposed to some variety? 

Adult movies are a great way to find out what you might be into without having to actually get into something you might be uncomfortable with. Then again, you might like what you see and want to mimic those acts yourself. There is a list of the most popular fetishes brought to you in the comfort of your home. 


There are so many adult flicks that highlight the idea of what it would be like to be caught having sex. Many of these films star the young innocent who doesn’t know what’s going on and her or his curiosity gets the better of him. 

The idea of being watched while having sex isn’t just a guy’s way of starting a threesome. Although in most adult films, when the young girl or guy is caught watching, and their punishment is that they have to join in. Voyeurism about seeing something you shouldn’t and the consequences of getting caught. 

People who enjoying watching others secretly used to be called peeping toms, but now there is a whole genre of individuals who thrive on watching others and being watched. There is something exhilarating about the act, perhaps it has something to do with the phrase, monkey see monkey do. 


Not everyone is into bondage and punishment, and that is okay. But the truth is, everyone likes to be spanked at one point or another. From the soft pat on the butt when passing by a lover to full crack on the cheek while having sex, spanking is a rush. Pain causes adrenaline to course through the body. Enough adrenaline and you can’t experience pain at all. What you do feel though is euphoria and unspeakable pleasure. Spanking isn’t about dominance over an individual, although it can be if that is the name of the game. Spanking is showing a person how much you want them to get off. By pushing your partner’s pain threshold and urging the body to push through the mental boundaries, you can get your partner to cum harder and faster than ever before. 


For some people their daily lives are stressful, and they are always in control of everything. In the bedroom, however, they want to let go of their real world obligations and let someone else take control. This is where dominance and submission come into play. Several movies depict this kind of relationship. 

However, there is some sort of misconception about the different roles. Dominance means that you are willing to do anything for your partner’s pleasure. This means that there are no questions asked, you simply do as you are told. Some dominating partners are into punishing the other half while there are more seductive roles for the dominant partner to demand from their ‘submissive’ partner. Playing this well means to maintain personal boundaries and respect safe words. On the softer side of this fetish, partners request to be caressed from head to toe. Or request the sexual act to be a certain way, hard and forceful or soft and sweet, the choice, however, is always the dominant partners. These roles can be switched around, but never during the “play time”. 

Role Playing

Everyone wants to be someone else. That is the great aspect of role playing. Partners can dawn a new identity and act out different personalities. This fetish can get incredible fun, especially if there is a theme the game is played with. Some people put on Star Trek costumes and pretend to be the captain of the ship while others pretend to be superheroes.

 The best practice for role playing is dressing up and meeting someplace public like a bar or movie theater and act as if they are stranger meeting for the first time. Flirting is a great way to rekindle the flames and bring passion back into the bedroom. This is just a few fetishes that the adult industry throws out to tickle people’s fancies. The choice to engage in them is completely up to you.